Common Types of Heavy Transport Vehicles

Heavy Transport

There are many types of trucks that are used for  heavy transport services. The type of truck needed depends on the product that needs to be relocated from one point to another. It is important to make sure your shipping company is familiar with the product that you need delivered so that they send the proper heavy transport vehicle to your location.

Tractor Trailer

One of the most common types of vehicles used for heavy transport is the tractor trailer. This is a semi-tractor that has an attached trailer. These can come is a variety of designs to serve a large variety of different purposes. Many of these tractors have two or three axles; although there are heavier ones with four or five axles.

Box Trailer

The most common tractor trailer style is a box trailer. These trailers are completely enclosed with an opening that is only a door at the rear end of the trailer. They range in length from about 8.5 to 16.2 meters (28 feet to 53 feet).

Flat Bed

Another style of trailer that is used for heavy transport is called a 'flat bed'. This is basically a platform on wheels. Freight is strapped to the platform and delivered to its location. Lumber, bricks, and construction materials are often transferred on flat bed trailers.


A third type of trailer that is commonly used is called a 'tanker'. This type of trailer is used for the heavy transport of liquids such as: water, milk, or liquid fertiliser. Dry goods, such as grain or flour, are also transported in tankers. They are referred to by their size and volume capacity.

Ballast Tractor

A ballast tractor is a heavy transport vehicle that is designed to push or pull very heavy or incredibly large loads. It is designed to push or pull these loads from a drawbar. It has the great advantage to be able to push-steer a trailer around a corner. These heavy transport vehicles are not used as much as they used to be due to the flexibility and practicality of the tractor trailer.

Although these are the most common, there are numerous types of heavy transport vehicles used to transport and deliver goods. It is best to talk to a professional shipping company when deciding what type of vehicle you will need for the successful delivery of your product.


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