The Types Of Heavy Hauling Trucks Used by Freigth Companies in Perth

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The heavy hauling trucks are the most important and essential element used by freight companies in Perth. These trucks helps in standard sized as well as oversized loads to be transferred from one place to the other. These trucks are extremely powerful vehicles that would handle any kind of load with ease and help you get a great heavy transport experience. These trucks are generally hired by the state agencies, especially the fire department and the law enforcement departments. However, they are also frequently hired by the building and construction companies. However, these trucks are more commonly known for hauling automobiles from one place to the other. Let us take a look at the different kinds of heavy hauling trucks.

Hook and Chain Trucks - these are the most common kinds of trucks that mostly all the people know about. These trucks are usually used by the self-governing truck companies as well as the law enforcement departments. Building companies also use these trucks for transport. However, these trucks are not very popular these days as wrapping chains for heavy transport isn't the right method used these days. It can only be used to haul the junk vehicles or a wrecked vehicles. However, you would still see them on the roads quite often. They are also known as sling trucks.

Wheel-Lift Truck - these trucks are generally used to haul broken cars. However, this kind of trucks cause lesser damage as compared to the hook and chain trucks. Their construction is also quite similar. However, these trucks use a metal yoke instead of a chain because of which the cars are transported very easily. This usually happens because of a hydraulic lift that keeps the car suspended from the front or the back side. This makes transport really fast and the car is not damaged in this case as well. As the truck carries only a small fraction of the load of the car, it moves faster on the road. However, it is to be made sure that the truck's metal yoke and wheel lift are very strong otherwise some serious damage can be expected by the freight companies in Perth.

Boom Trucks - Boom trucks have specially been designed to haul moving cars out of a hole or a channel. These trucks are generally used for pulling vehicles.

Flatbed Hauling Trucks - this kind of trucks are smaller than the usual flatbed trucks. They are specially used for hauling cars but can also be used by freight companies in Perth.