Different Types Of Heavy Transport Equipment

Heavy Transport

Heavy transportation, specially oversized load transportation can become a headache for many people. If you have to transport heavy machinery, furniture, fixtures, automobiles, tractors and other such consignment items, you simply need to work extra hard to find that heavy transport company that would actually be helping you out in getting the best rates as well as the best transportation clauses. There are many different kinds of heavy transport equipment that are used by the freight companies. The equipment used for your consignment would depend largely on the kind of items you are transporting. Most of the times, large diesel tractors can be used for transport. However, flatbed hauling trucks, semi-trailers and other such vehicles can also be used for transporting special kinds of loads.

The first kind of equipment that is used in heavy transport is the telehandler. It looks quite like the forklift with a telescopic and long arm that can be used for lifting forward as well as upwards. These telehandler can be used along with pallets as well. The weight capacity of the telehandler is much more than a forklift. In case you are transporting special weight categories or oversized loads, than they would be of a better use as compared to the forklifts. The equipment can even handle and lift the load over any kind of obstructions because of which they become much more feasible than any other kind of heavy hauling equipment. However, you need to make sure that you don't overload this equipment. This can make the machine tip towards the front end. However, most modern telehandlers even come with an automatic shutoff system because of which they do not move in case the weight capacity is increased. This helps in saving the equipment as well as the consignment from damage.

There are many modular transporters that you would see these days on the highways. They have specially been designed for exceptionally heavy transport needs. They usually have a wide and long platform that is mounted over a number of high-end tires. As a result, they are able to move very heavy loads easily and safely from one place to the other. Most of these modular transport equipment are towed by another vehicle but they may sometimes that may even be self-propelled. They can move backwards as walk. They come with the most sophisticated suspension systems along with air brakes so that the consignment is no damaged in any case.